Advocacy Workshop

Through this virtual workshop, professionals and influential voices in the veal industry will be equipped to become stronger advocates and communicators to address concerns about raising and consuming veal products.

Through this workshop, we will cover four major areas to help participants become more confident in sharing their experiences as part of the community advocating for veal and equipped with the skillset and knowledge to address concerns relevant to the veal industry and its customers.

Veal Industry Reputation
Management and Advocacy
Workshop • April 12th 10-2EST

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Topics include:

Why are we involved in advocacy efforts?

  • Kick-off the day with discussions about the most important concerns related to raising and consuming veal. Not only is advocacy an opportunity to share our story, but also gain an understanding of why this is a vital tool in addressing concerns and building our reputation outside of moments of crisis.

What story do you have to share?

  • There are many facts and figures we can share about veal, but how can you use your expertise to address misinformation and real concerns? We will cover some of the most common questions as a reminder that advocacy doesn't have to be complicated.

How do you say it?

  • We often want to avoid answering tough questions in fear of misspeaking or “breaking into jail.” However, there are a few basic techniques that can help you to better understand where concerns stem from and help you have the confidence to ease fears and find the best ways to connect with consumers.

Tools for the trade

  • Having the right answers and finding the best avenues to share that information can be a daunting task. We’ll highlight the online tools to help you share your story and find the resources you’re seeking to make an impact through advocacy efforts.

Workshop Facilitator:

Our workshop will be led by Ryan Goodman, a veteran of agriculture advocacy and reputation management. Having worked in many sectors of the cattle business and leading national advocacy programs with upwards of 20,000 participants, he uses his experiences to empower others in the agriculture community to share their stories and connect with diverse audiences through advocacy efforts.

Ryan is a proud alumnus of Oklahoma State University and has been recognized as Advocate of the Year and a Top 10 Industry Leader under 40 by several agriculture organizations. His work sharing the stories of farmers and ranchers has appeared in industry and national media publications.

When not on the road or in the pasture working with cattle, Ryan can often be found in the mountains trail running, completing 100-mile ultramarathons, and enjoying a good steak at the center of his plate. Ryan lives in southwest Virginia where he raises cattle with his partner, Aaron, and can be found online as @BeefRunner.

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