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Veal is found in grocery stores regionally, but you might not see it at grocery stores.

Veal can easily be ordered online and shipped to your door. If you can’t find it in stores near you, ordering veal online is a great option. Or if they don’t have the veal cuts you want in store, online is another great option! There are a few different online retailers that sell veal. The best one for you depends on your location and your needs.
Some things to keep in mind when ordering veal:
Delivery schedules – depending on where the online retailer is shipping from you, your distance from them might make it more difficult to ship. Also, the farther you are shipping, the more expensive it is. To learn about this look at the sites about page or look for a shipping info page. These website pages will give you information on where they are shipping from and what the cost is for different regions of the country.
Minimum orders – Some online retailers require you buy a minimum amount of a product or spend a minimum amount of money to place an order. For instances, you must buy at least 5 lbs. of ground veal or you must spend at least $50 to checkout. Different retailers have different requirements, so shop around! Look at the different online retailers and then decide based on what works best for you.
Availability: You’ll notice that retailers of veal do not always have the same cuts in stock. Certain times of the year certain cuts are more popular. It is important to keep this in mind when buying veal for an occasion or ordering it online. While one online retailer may not have veal today, in a couple of weeks they could!
Remember if you have to buy extra, its not a big deal! Veal can be stored in the freezer just like other proteins. For more information on storing thawing and freezing veal, check out our page!

Links to online retailers of veal:

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