Mexican Veal Burgers with Roasted Poblanos
This veal burger is served Mexican style with a Mexican crema and onions and sweet corn,

Mexican Veal Burgers with Roasted Poblanos

Delicious Veal Burgers are made Mexican style with creamy roasted poblanos from our friend at Adriana’s Best Recipes. She always does a fantastic job packing the flavor, and this recipe is no exception.  Sliced pepper jack cheese melts on top of these burgers before they come off the grill top. Then serve your burgers on buttery brioche rolls and topped with a classic “rajas con crema” made from roasted poblanos, onions, and shredded cheese.

If you are looking to switch up your burger experiences, these vela burgers are it. If you love Mexican food and flavors, you will love this combination. Served with buttery sweet corn these are great for your summer dinner menu.

Making Juicy Veal Burgers

Season your burgers before making patties and remember those flavors are really going to shine through in the final product. So make sure the onions and garlic are pureed or minced finely. Avoid overworking the ground veal when making patties. Transfer the burgers to the grill or cast-iron pan on stove top, but make sure it’s nice and hot before. Cook the patties for 3-5 minutes on each side, careful not to overcook. The best way to check the internal temperature is with a meat thermometer. Don’t press or push on the burgers while they cook.  This will squeeze all the delicious juices out. After the last flip, add the cheese to each burger and allow to melt before removing from the cook top.

Creamy Roasted Poblanos

The creamy roasted poblanos or “Rajas con crema” complete these Mexican style veal burgers. Top each of your burgers with two tablespoons of the creamy cheesy roasted poblano mix. The mixture is simple, combine roasted poblanos, onion, chicken stock, heavy cream and jack cheese. Creating a creamy flavorful topping for these Mexican Veal Burgers. For more ideas and tops on these burgers, check out Adriana’s Best Recipes blog post here!