Smash Burger Taco
Hand held smash burger tacos, topped with burger sauce and shredded lettuce

Smash Burger Taco

This Smash Burger Taco is super easy and quick family friendly recipe for any time of the year. A twist on the trending tortilla smash burgers, this recipe is just as easy and delicious as a regular veal burger. Ground veal seasoned and spread thinly on a delicious flour tortilla, cooked on a hot skillet, and then served with all the best burger toppings. Some topping ideas include adding tomatoes sautéed onion, pickles or jalapeños, cheeses, bacon.

Make sure to add your favorite burger sauce to this delicious smash burger taco to deliver the best flavor profile. Not only is this recipe delicious but it is beyond quick and easy. Ensure when you are cooking this, that you let the cook top heat up before putting the burger down. Once the skillet is heated and the burger is cooking, make sure not to flip until the burger moves freely. This will ensure the burger isn’t ruined by tearing from the skillet top.

If you like this version of the smash burger, you’ll love our classic Smash Burger too! Packed with all the delicious flavors but served on a roll instead of a tortilla.

Special thanks to Brittany with My View From Up Here for developing this recipe.


1 lb Ground Veal




Favorite Burger Toppings!


Roll your ground veal into a golf ball size and smash on the tortilla. Place some butter on your hot skillet. Once melted, place your tortilla burger side down, cook for about 3-4 minutes until it’s brown and reaches 160 degrees F. Flip and place your cheese on top with all you favorite burger toppings!