Veal Brisket Smoked
Sliced juicy veal brisket, shows the smoke ring in the meat.

Veal Brisket Smoked

Veal Brisket is smoked low and slow in this recipe for a delicious and juicy finished dish. Check out this great recipe from Feygin Foodie! This brisket is smoked for about ten hours, and kept from drying out with apple juice and apple cider vinegar for a delicious sandwich protein.

Make sure you are using an internal meat thermometer to keep an accurate watch on the temperature, and so you know when the meat is done! Use your favorite BBQ seasoning when prepping! Those flavors will shine through with this brisket, even more then they would with beef because veal has such a light flavor.

Why Veal Brisket?

Veal brisket comes from the same part of the veal calf that beef brisket comes from a beef cow. It is also smaller because the animal is smaller, and there is less fat on it. There is still plenty of flavor in the end, it’s just a lighter one than beef. If you come across one of these, they are worth trying out! Check out hoe juicy the brisket is in the video from Feygin Foodie below!

Serving the Brisket

You can serve your veal with anything you would serve with beef brisket! Some great ideas are mac and cheese, corn on the cob, or a nice side salad. Have the brisket on bread as a sandwich, or serve it directly on top of a green salad! Break it up and throw it in some mac and cheese. However you decide to eat it, it is bound to be delicious.

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Prep Time:
15 minutes

Cook Time:
10 Hours



2 Veal briskets (roughly 2-3 lb each)

1/2 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1/4 Gallon apple juice

1 cup apple cider vinegar

1 cup BBQ seasoning of your choice

4 Tbsp kosher salt


Set your smoker to 180 degrees F, allow it to rest at this temperature for 15 minutes while you prep the brisket. Start out by patting off all the moisture from the brisket with a paper towel. Then add just a thin layer of extra virgin olive oil all the way around. Using the BBQ seasoning you have, sprinkle and rub all over the brisket.

Once the brisket is prepped and the smoker has sat, place your veal brisket in the smoker with a probe so that you can monitor the temperature accurately. While the brisket smokes, every hour spray your brisket with some apple juice to make sure its not drying out.

Once the internal temp reaches 150 degrees F, remove the brisket from the grates and place in the aluminum tins that you prepped them in. Add three cups o apple juice and 1 cup of apple cider vinegar to each one. Before returning to the smoker, make sure the probe stays in the brisket and cover everything with aluminum foil.

Increase the smoker temp to 250 degrees F and continue to cook the brisket until the internal temperature reaches at least 205 degrees F. Allow the brisket to rest before enjoying.