Sage and Rosemary Chops background image

Sage and Rosemary Chops

This Sage and Rosemary Chops recipes delivers delicious tender rib veal chops coated in olive oil, lemon and fresh herbs, grilled to perfection and topped with a sage and rosemary… Continue Reading →

Crispy Crunchy Thai Salad background image

Crispy Crunchy Thai Salad

This Crispy Crunchy Thai Salad delivers a delicious flavor profile, that of take out but created at home! All the fresh chili, lime, and crispy rice come together to make… Continue Reading →

Classic Veal Milanese background image

Classic Veal Milanese

We’ve partnered with Daniela’s Dish to bring you this Classic Veal Milanese recipe for the perfect date night! Veal is a versatile protein that is light and tender, which makes… Continue Reading →

Springy Veal Croquettes background image

Springy Veal Croquettes

Spring is here and we’ve partnered again with Daniela’s Dish to bring you the recipe for Springy Veal Croquettes. They are so light and delicious with just the right amount… Continue Reading →

Tahini Satay and Papaya Salad background image

Tahini Satay and Papaya Salad

This Tahini Satay and Papaya Salad is a tender smoky satay that should be part of your regular rotation. It is easy, fun, and cooked on a stick! Deliciously paired… Continue Reading →

Spring Veal Stew background image

Spring Veal Stew

This Spring Veal Stew is perfect when that spring weather is in full swing! Veal stews are the comfort food that will bring warmth to your home and table during… Continue Reading →

FANTASTIC Veal Piccata! background image

FANTASTIC Veal Piccata!

FANTASTIC Veal Piccata that you can make in thirty minutes or less! Piccata is an Italian classic, a lemon butter sauce accompanied by capers. This sauce is slightly tart, but… Continue Reading →

Tampa Bay Veal Piccata background image

Tampa Bay Veal Piccata

This Tampa Bay Veal Piccata comes from one of our partners out of Florida, Brittany with My View From Up Here. Whip up a plate of goodness with this Veal… Continue Reading →

Veal Schnitzel and Rainbow Chard background image

Veal Schnitzel and Rainbow Chard

Veal schnitzel is a fun and festive way to prepare veal, and it is easily ready in 30 minutes. This classic dish of breaded and fried meat has a Spanish… Continue Reading →

Pressure Cooker Bolognese background image

Pressure Cooker Bolognese

Pressure cooker Bolognese is a rich pot of instant comfort that only tastes better if it’s made the day before. This recipes ingredients come together perfectly to deliver silky flavor…. Continue Reading →

Cornbread Chili Pie background image

Cornbread Chili Pie

Cornbread Chili Pie is a hearty meal for the whole family full of flavor that highlights the savor-iness of veal. A delicious comforting chili topped with a moist cornbread topping… Continue Reading →

Slow Cooker Stroganoff background image

Slow Cooker Stroganoff

Slow Cooker Stroganoff is a hearty, comforting meal of veal and mushrooms served with a creamy gravy sauce over egg noodles. Thanks to the slow cooker, the stew meat is… Continue Reading →