Muenster Stuffed Veal and Mushroom Burgers background image

Muenster Stuffed Veal and Mushroom Burgers

Grilling Recipe Yes-no joke here, a homemade burger in 20 minutes flat is possible when you’re making this Muenster Stuffed Veal and Mushroom Burger. Simply blend tasty ingredients like ground veal, chopped… Continue Reading →

Veal Banh Mi Sandwich background image

Veal Banh Mi Sandwich

One bite of this creative Veal Banh Mi Sandwich rendition and you’ll feel as though you’ve taken a trip abroad. The best part of this of a classic Vietnamese recipe? You don’t have… Continue Reading →

VLT Sandwich background image

VLT Sandwich

Stir-Frying Recipe Wash those sad desk lunch blues away with this awesome VLT sandwich! Featuring thin and crispy veal cutlets, herbaceous arugula, juicy tomatoes, and a rockin’ red pepper ketchup that’s sure to put a… Continue Reading →

Southwestern Veal Taco background image

Southwestern Veal Taco

Let’s give your dinner crew something to taco-bout with this Southwestern Veal Taco. We’re willing to bet that a double or even a triple batch of these tacos will transport your… Continue Reading →

Crispy Veal and Walnut Salad background image

Crispy Veal and Walnut Salad

This Crispy Veal and Walnut Salad is nothing short of a nutritional powerhouse that covers all the bases: veggies (romaine, onions), fruit (apple slices), a touch of fat (walnuts), and… Continue Reading →

Easy Veal Parmesan background image

Easy Veal Parmesan

Most veal parm recipe take about 45 minutes to an hour but, Easy Veal Parmesan can be prepped, cooked, and plated in 15 minutes flat. How can you pass up an… Continue Reading →

Veal Meatballs Italian Style background image

Veal Meatballs Italian Style

Veal Meatballs Italian Style are just one of those recipes you’ll want to make on a weekly basis. Pair them with your favorite pasta, sandwich them between your favorite hero… Continue Reading →

Veal Italiana over Spaghetti Squash background image

Veal Italiana over Spaghetti Squash

Veal Italiana over Spaghetti Squash is, like any good pasta dish, loaded with flavorful ingredients like crunchy bell peppers, juicy tomatoes, savory prosciutto, and luscious veal. And it lays over a bed of… Continue Reading →

Italian Veal and Pepper Stew background image

Italian Veal and Pepper Stew

Stewing Recipe A silky, nourishing stew is just what the doctor ordered during cooler seasons. Treat your family by making this rich meaty stew recipe with protein-packed veal and flavorful… Continue Reading →

Grilled Veal Chops with Potato-Leek Hash background image

Grilled Veal Chops with Potato-Leek Hash

Grilling Recipe You can’t ever go wrong with a classic meat-and-potatoes dish, and we suggest you choose veal as your protein and try these Grilled Veal Chops with Potato Leek… Continue Reading →

Sesame Veal Strips background image

Sesame Veal Strips

Grilling Recipe Make sure a nutritious and delicious dinner fits into your evening with these Sesame Veal Strips. Whip up the simple marinade and let the veal strips sit for at least a… Continue Reading →

Dijon Veal Burgers background image

Dijon Veal Burgers

Grilling Recipe Have we got a quick and easy meal idea for you – ready in under 30 minutes, Dijon Veal Burgers. A dish made up of only 7 easy… Continue Reading →