Veal Pizza Grilled
Thick pizza toped with sauce, ground veal, tomatoes, and peppers cooked on the grill.

Veal Pizza Grilled

Veal pizza is simple and delicious done on the grill. This grilled pizza is packed with protein, veggies, cheese, and sauce. Great pizza with added flavor from cooking on the grill.

Building the Veal Pizza

Start this grilled veal pizza by prepping all the ingredients. Sauté peppers until soft, add salt pepper and garlic to taste. Then brown the ground veal in a skillet with a bit of oil and garlic. After removing, blot off any liquid and set aside while you prep the dough.

To prep the pizza dough, work dough so that it is the size and shape you want. Brush both sides with a bit of seasoned garlic olive oil, or just olive oil if that’s all you have. Oil the grill grates before heating. Once the grill is hot, place the dough directly on the grates. Cook the dough until almost done.

Remove the dough from the grill, top with pizza sauce cheese, and toppings. Add some halved tomatoes and return to the grill to finish. Before serving garnish with some fresh basil!

Pizza Toppings

This recipe calls for sautéed peppers, ground veal, and tomatoes. Add whatever you prefer! Pizzas are easy to make your own and many flavors pair well with veal! Meat topped pizza is perfect for a delicious dinner meal.

Grilling Pizza

Cooking pizza on your grill is more like cooking it in a woodfire oven as opposed to a conventional oven. It adds flavor to the final product. This is a great summer recipe for veal pizza. Keeping the mess outside and out of the kitchen.

Serve this pizza hot with whatever sides you want. Try out grilled corn or grilled romaine hearts. A slight salad would also be a great addition. This great recipe was developed by Colleen of Souffle Bombay! Check out some of her recipes for side ideas!