Veal Creativity on Tik Tok
TikTok Recipe e-book cover with snap shot of recipes.

Veal Creativity on Tik Tok

July 1, 2021 Washington, DC – Tik Tok has become a place that inspires creativity and brings joy to its users. Most recently for Tik Tok sensations Marco (Wood Fire and Whiskey) and Matt's (Groark Boys BBQ) creativity has been in the form of new recipes featuring a nearly forgotten protein: Veal.

Matt and Marco sat down with Veal- Discover Delicious funded by the Beef Checkoff this past winter to learn more about Veal. What they also discovered through their veal culinary adventure was how veal is safely and humanely raised. With so many misconceptions about veal it was important that Marco and Matt not only cooked with veal but also learned about the industry.

In their Tik Tok videos, Matt and Marco educated their followers by explaining that Veal is; a light pink protein which is mild in flavor and is sourced from six-month-old cows which weigh about 500 pounds. Many believe Veal is a baby cow; what Matt and Marco learned is that they are big animals. They continued to discover that veal calves are healthy, have room to stand up lie down and live-in group pens where they can interact with each other. Cattle are naturally herd animals and like to be in close proximity to other cattle for comfort and protection from prey.

Veal – Discover Delicious challenged Marco and Matt, in partnership with the Food Renegades, to share amazing and different ways veal can be incorporated into home cooked meals. They delivered great new recipes that had their community on Tik Tok raving and asking great questions! Now you can download all these versatile and tasty recipes in a downloadable e-book available on

This e-book not only includes recipes, directions, and tips from Marco and Matt, but it also has links to their TikTok videos found @woodfireandwhiskey and @groarkboysbbq.  Ashley Russell, Director of Veal Marketing for Veal – Discover Delicious, recently shared one of Matt’s recipes, for the Goat Cheese Stuffed Veal Burger, with a group of people. Russell stated, “they could not get enough!”  She went on to share that, “the flavor combinations in the burger enhanced by the mild flavor of veal are mouthwatering.”  Other recipes from Matt and Marco include a Nashville Hot Veal Sandwich, a slow cooked Meatball Sandwich, and Sticky Thai Veal Meatballs just to tease your tastebuds!  Don’t miss the opportunity to download this e-book with all 12 delicious meal ideas, from here!