Food blogger shares new-found-knowledge of veal
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Food blogger shares new-found-knowledge of veal

Food blogger Holly Sander, creator of Taste and See has been making internet waves with her fresh take on delicious weeknight staples since 2015. So when the recipe connoisseur had a chance to join the Beef Checkoff funded tour of Northeastern veal farms, she jumped at the opportunity, sharing what she learned with her followers in this blog post.

“This is sustainability in action, my friend: finding productive ways to use what we have and not wasting it,” she said, singing the praises of her new-found-knowledge of the veal, dairy and beef industries’ purpose and plan for every animal produced.

Holly shared that she learned so much about veal farming, animal health and the careful procedures that farmers must follow to produce veal, including how the animals are raised and cared for.

“There are many misconceptions about the treatment of veal calves,” she says, “Veal calves are actually given excellent treatment.”

Tour guests spent time learning about the many regulations and quality initiatives in place to ensure and protect both animal welfare and the safety of the food products those animals produce.

She also shared with her followers that the group learned that the only time calves are given antibiotics is when they are sick—just like people, and calves can move around, socialize and enjoy the luxury of free choice feed and water, while receiving unparalleled veterinary and nutrition attention.

“The veal calves I saw even had their own nutritionist, in addition to their veterinarian—pretty swanky, huh?”

Back in her kitchen, Holly cooked up a “quite fancy and perfect” crispy veal with lemon and arugula dish.

“There are so many different cuts of veal available that are easy to prepare,” she says, “You basically treat veal like you would beef, and enjoy it at your desired doneness and temperature.”

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