Bella’limento Learns about Veal from Farm to Fork
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Bella’limento Learns about Veal from Farm to Fork

As the self-described recipe developer, food stylist, writer, editor, food photographer and chief dishwasher of the Bella’limento blog, Paula Jones, knows how to bring a no-nonsense weeknight staple to the table.

So when she joined our ReVeal Tour this past summer, to learn more about the veal industry, the longtime veal connoisseur knew that veal-inspired spaghetti and meatballs would be a homerun for her followers.

“It doesn’t get any more classic than spaghetti and meatballs,” Paula says of her veal spaghetti and meatballs recipe that is table ready in just 30 minutes. “They are quick, easy and delicious”, she says.

Beyond recipe development, Paula returned home excited to share what she personally experienced and learned while on the tour.

“I’ve been eating veal for as long as I can remember; to me veal is incredibly delicious, albeit often misunderstood,” Paula says.

She shares in her blog that the level of care by all involved was top-notch, sharing pictures of the barns, calves and the feed that the animals are fed.

“It was obvious they care deeply about their farms, the calves and the veal farmers,” she says of the companies who contract with family farms to grow veal, “The farms were clean, the barns were bright and well ventilated—the calves were well taken care of.”

And what struck her the most…how large the veal calves are!

“They are about 500 pounds at 22 weeks. That is a large animal!” she shared with her followers.

Thank you for joining the ReVeal Tour, Paula, and sharing what you learned with your followers—and extending your newfound insights on veal production far beyond kitchen!

To learn more about how veal is raised today visit Veal recipes, nutrition and cooking information can be found on

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