Six States, Six Winners, and only one National Winner
Wiener Schnitzel bites with a tarragon mustard dipping sauce, served with slices of lemon., plated for serving.

Six States, Six Winners, and only one National Winner

Washington, DC: April 11, 2022 – This year’s National Veal Collegiate Competition had so many great, creative, and delicious looking entries, it was not easy to pick winners. Starting in February culinary students from six states chose to compete in a veal recipe contest for scholarship money. Beef Checkoff funded Veal – Discover Delicious and State Beef Councils partnered to host this competition for culinary students in six states!

Participating culinary students had to watch an online video to learn about the humane practices of today’s veal farmers. After watching this virtual farm tour culinary students took to the kitchen to create a unique recipe that would fit a restaurants appetizer menu.

Competition was touch, but this year’s state winners are as follows:

Arizona State Winner: Leslie Lecomte from Arizona Culinary Institute won with her Wiener Schnitzel Bites with Lemon & Tarragon Mustard

Florida State Winner: Brejean Guzman from Miami Dade Community College won with his Veal Egg Rolls

New York State Winner: Nathan Roof from Finger Lakes Community College won with his Grilled Lemon Parmesan Veal

Ohio State Winner: Andrea Lazos from Cincinnati State Technical & Community College won with her Ginger Veal Wontons with Tamarind Sauce

Texas State Winner: Sharday Melvine from Dallas College won with her Veal short ribs and polenta with sweet and spicy pepper sauce

Wisconsin State Winner: Jasmine Bylander from the Chippewa Valley Technical College with Sticks and Dip

Ashley Russell, Director of Veal Marketing says, “It was not easy for judges to choose a national winner. The entries were all very well done this year, even at the state level there are numerous honorable mentions.”

In the end, Leslie Lecomte from Arizona took the title as the 2022 winner of the State and National Veal Collegiate Competition. People also got to vote for their favorite entry online, choosing a People’s Choice winner of the competition. This year’s People’s Choice winner was a tie between Jasmine Bylander with Sticks and Dip and Andrea Lazos and her Ginger Veal Wontons with Tamarind Sauce! See all these great entries, visit today, or download all their delicious recipes in an e-book at here!


Leslie Lecomte stands in her chef coat as the winner of the 2022 National Collegiate Veal Compeition.
Andrea Lazos stands in her chef coat with her competition entry, as the one of the peoples choice winners of the 2022 National Collegiate Veal Competition.
Jasmine Bylander stands in her chef coat with her competition entry, as the one of the peoples choice winners of the 2022 National Collegiate Veal Competition.

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